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IOE Syllabus

Syllabus of All Engineering Courses of IOE is provided here.

Syllabus of Bachelors in Engineering:

  1. Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BCT) Syllabus
  2. Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BCE) Syllabus
  3. Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch) Syllabus
  4. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (BME) Syllabus
  5. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (BEL) Syllabus
  6. Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering (BGE) Syllabus
  7. Bachelor in Industrial Engineering (BIE) Syllabus
  8. Bachelor in Automobile Engineering (BAE) Syllabus
  9. Bachelor in Electronics Engineering (BEX) Syllabus

Syllabus of MSc Entrance Examinations