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IOE Syllabus: BE Civil (BCE)

Bachelors in Civil Engineering Syllabus of Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU is provided below. You can click on the respective subjects for detail syllabus. This course is of eight semesters in which first two semesters mainly contains science and humanities which is almost same in all streams of BE. This course syllabus was updated in 2066 BS. 

First Year – First Part
  1. Engineering Mathematics I  [SH401] 
  2. Engineering Drawing1 [ME401]
  3. Engineering Chemistry [SH403]
  4. Fundamental of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer [ME402]
  5. Computer Programming [CT401]
  6. Workshop Technology
First Year – Second Part
  1. Applied Mechanics [CE451]
  2. Engineering Mathematics II [SH451]
  3. Engineering Physics [SH452]
  4. Basic Electronics Engineering [EX451]
  5. Engineering Drawing II [ME451]
  6. Basic Electrical Engineering [EE451]
Second Year – First Part
  1. Civil Engineering Materials[CE506]
  2. Engineering Mathematics III [SH501]
  3. Applied Mechanics(Dynamics) [CE503]
  4. Engineering Geology I [CE503]
  5. Strength of Materials [CE 502]
  6. Surveying I [CE 504]
  7. Fluid mechanics[CE505]
Second Year –  Second Part
  1. Hydraulics [CE555]
  2. Surveying II  [CE554]
  3. Theory of Structure [CE551]
  4. Probability & Statistics  [SH552]
  5. Engineering Geology [CE553]
  6. Building Drawing [CE556]
  7. Soil Mechanics [CE552]
Third Year – First Part
  1. Theory of structures ii[CE601]
  2. Water Supply Engineering[CE605]
  3. Engineering hydrology[CE606]
  4. Concrete Technology and masonry structure[CE603]
  5. Numerical Methods[ SH603]
  6. Foundation Engineering[CE602]
Third Year –  Second Part
  1. Design of Steel and Timber Structure [CE651]
  2. Communication English [SH651]
  3. Engineering Economics [CE655]
  4. Building Technology [CE652]
  5. Sanitary Engineering [CE656]
  6. Transportation Engineering [CE653]
  7. Irrigation and Drainage [CE654]
  8. Survey Camp
Fourth Year – First Part
  1. Hydropower Engineering [CE704]
  2. Project Engineering [CE701]
  3. Transportation Engineering II [CE703]
  4. Estimating & Costing [CE705]
  5. Elective I [CE725]
  6. Design of RCC Structure [CE702]
Fourth Year – Second Part
  1. Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering
  2. Engineering Professional Practice
  3. Technology Environment and Society
  4. Construction Management
  5. Project (Part II)
  6. Elective II
  7. Elective III

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  1. what should be the total number of credits to pass bachelor's in civil engineering. I need no of credits of my undergraduate studies to apply for job.