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Basic Overview About Bill of Quantity (BOQ) with Sample : (Excel File of BOQ)

A bill of quantities (BOQ) refers to a document which is used to provide information about quantities of work that is to be done for completion of any construction projects or civil works.
Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

A BOQ records all the details for materials, parts, and labor as well as their related costs. The cost consultant (usually a quantity surveyor) formulates the document (BOQ) and it comprises of project interrelated worked out quantities of the items of work with adherence to the existing drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

It is considered as the most suitable tool to make proper communication between the parties (Client, consultant, and contractor) of the construction project. BOQ is also defined as a schedule that classifies details and calculates the materials and other cost items which are utilized in the construction project. It should be kept in mind that the direct costs; indirect costs are contained to determine the total cost of the project which is found in different parts of the BOQ.

Importance of BOQ:

  1. It provides basic ideas regarding the project with the quantities to tenderers.
  2. It defines the objective of the work. (But it should be documented in line with the drawings; specification as well).
  3. It offers quantified or projected contract sum. (Very crucial to the client)
  4. It provides a basis for valuation of variation. (Variation should be narrated in detail)

Download Sample BOQ of Urban Health Centre

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