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Fee Structure for Master’s Program: IOE

 Fee Structure for Master’s Program: IOE

 Fee Structure for Master’s Program: IOE

The fee structure of the MSc Program of Institute of Engineering as per the MSc Brochure 2075 is below. 

                                                      Regular        Full Fee         Sponsered      Foreign  
Tuition fee (Per Semester)             12,180/-       55,000/-       1,35,000/-      US $1,800/- 

 Exam Fee (Per Semester)               1,000/-         1,000/-         1,000/-           US $ 10

Deposit (Refundable)
Campus Deposit                              1,000/-         1,000/-                                US $ 10
Lab Deposit                                     1,000/-         1,000/-                                US $ 10
Library Deposit                              1,000/-         1,000/-                                US $ 10
Deposit (Nonrefundable)                                 
Campus development Fund           3,000/-         3,000/-                                US $ 200
Maintenance Fund                          2,000/-          2,000/-                              

ID Card Fee                                    175/-            175/-            175/-              US $20/-
At the time of Admission              21,355.00    64,175.00    546,175.00    US $2,060/-

1.   Students admitted to Hydropower Engineering and Land & Water Engineering have to pay additional Rs. 50,000.00 for field visit and Practical Works.
2.   TU Registration fee Rs. 500.00 (Rs 1000.00 for the students passing B.E/B.Arch or
equivalent from abroad) and Graduate Conference fee of Rs. 5000/- for all students.
3.   The candidate under sponsored category should have to pay the fee for full course duration (two years) at the time of admission. Also, payment of fees by the candidate under sponsored category shall be received only by cheque of the sponsoring agency.
The cash transaction will not be entertained.

The candidates should pay an extra charge for Internet access separately during admission as per the college rule and any extra service as per specified by TU. The given fee structure is for completing the minimum specified courses within two years of academic sessions. Candidates willing to secure extra credit courses or failing to complete the courses within the specified time frame should pay extra fee accordingly as per campus regulation.

In case, the admitted student needs to cancel his/her admission following rules are applicable in reimbursement of fees:
a 25% deduction from tuition fees prior to the start of class.
b.   50% deduction from tuition fees until the 7th day after the start of class.
c No refund of tuition fees and nonrefundable deposits following the 7th day from the commencement of the class.

Hostel Facility for Students

Hostel facilities are available for few selected students according to campus rules and regulations. The application process and charges for the hostel shall be as per the decision of the campus administration.
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