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What does Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) say about Licensure Examination?? Don't Misunderstand the Media!!

Nepal Engineering Council says Licensure examination is not yet been finalized. The bill is in the parliament in which the licensure examination system is trying to be enforced. But the bill is in process of finalization and approval in parliament so up to now the old system of providing license is continued.

Nepal Engineering Council license Examination
Previously, in recent few days, the system of licensure examination has been the burning issue in Nepali Media. There was said that the law has been already enforced but NEC has clearly declared of not being enforced until the approval of the amendment of the NEC Law.

Engineers can submit their certificates and Marksheets to gain the license until now.


  1. when was this notice published? I cannot find this notice in the official website of NEC.

  2. Has the bill been passed yet & do we need to take the license exams? If not, upto when is it estimated to b passed? Thanks in advance.

  3. Respected sir Has the licence exam rule has been taken place or its still on process?

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